2 Reasons Why My Business Almost Failed (AVOID THESE!)

I don’t need my wallet to go up on stage
I do need some music. For me, I have the gift of gab. So it’s to make a point,
move on, make a point, move on. Stick to my script. I don’t have professional
speaking skills yet so I’ve never taken a course on how to masterfully control
the stage. So for today, it’s sticking to my notes and I find that great speakers,
their wells are full. So when the well is full, great water comes out. So I’m gonna
stick to my points. I’m gonna help these guys avoid some of the biggest, most
painful lessons I’ve made in building my business over the years. So some
embarrassing stuff, and some lessons that I’m grateful for because I got to share
them with my students. I listen to Elevation Worship because the
music just inspires me, you know, to focus on transforming people’s hearts and not
just giving them knowledge, but to really to speak to their heart, to get
them to want to move, to get them to want to change, and get them to realize they
can’t stay where they’re at. [FLAVIA] I pray that when Vince goes to speak that you
help him to feel your presence and feel your peace. Help him to speak with clarity. God please help him deliver his message using your guidance and we thank you so much power we thank
you so much for this opportunity. So learning how to give in some space when
he needs it. He needs to get in his zone so I don’t want to just be
bombarding him with you know questions. Always encouraging him. Be by myself but yeah
also wanting to be there for him to support him and know that I’m there.
I get nervous for him. I’m nervous for him now. But I don’t get to listen to him
so I’m super excited because I yeah I haven’t seen him talk in such a long while,
it feels like… [VINCE] I’ll be up on that stage soon [YURI] As you know he helps skinny guys
build muscle. He’s done an amazing job for the past like 13 14 years. The cool thing about Vince
is that you know he’s gone through trials and tribulations. He’s had a lot
of haters a lot of lovers. One lover, Flavia. Fans, haters… What Vince is going to talk abut today is some of the hard lessons he’s had to learn on his journey, and I’m super pumped to have Mr. Vince Del Monte join us. Welcome man. [VINCE] I’m so, so inspired by this guy. I wanted to do live events and he jumped on it it before me and that’s what happens
when you get around other guys moving in the same direction. Iron sharpens Iron.
I’m just so excited to be here. I’m so excited that you’re setting an intense
pace, alright. Competition is your friend because they pull you along to a better
time. Alright, time to get Rocking. I want to give you guys a higher level
perspective on hard lessons. One of my father’s personal friends taught me
early on that life is God’s best teacher. How many people have to learn the hard way?
How many people have to learn the hard way? I have to learn the hard way.
I have to feel pain before I actually get it. So when I’m when I’m in the fight, I’m
embracing that because I can’t fight bigger battles if I can’t win smaller
battles, so I embrace the hurt because it’s making me stronger.
Alright guys, hard lesson number one. Getting paralyzed by the idea fairy
You guys know what the idea fairy is. One idea after another. So in 2010 my online business was dedicated to helping skinny guys. I was building a name as the guy who helped
skinny guys and I had no nonsense muscle-building out for a couple years.
Over a hundred thousand sales 118 countries and the idea fairy struck me,
let’s go make a fat loss product. I’ve been skinny my whole life but I
decided to make a fat loss product to go grab some cash from the fat loss market.
So I put this fat loss product out and it did well. It actually did well, but, I
confused the marketplace. A lot of people started asking I don’t get it. I thought
you’re the skinny guy saviour. Why do you have a fat loss product? So I was
starting to go wide instead of going deep. You guys have heard that saying? A lot
of people spread themselves thin. They go a mile wide and an inch deep. You guys
want to go a mile deep and an inch wide. Huge difference. So where does this come
from? What are the culprits of this? One, it comes from confusing activity with
productivity. The way I like to describe this is, a lot of us, including myself, we
get caught up looking for pennies, and we’re looking, oh there’s a penny, ooh a
nickel. Wow and oh there’s a dime and you’re down here looking for pennies and
guess what happens? When you’re looking for pennies down here, all the dollar
bills are flying over your head because you’re confusing productivity with
activity. You know what it’s like to say no? It’s like building a body part on
your physique that doesn’t want to grow like your calves.
I hate training calves and if you looked at my calves you would know
I have no calves. Jon Boles is here. My good friend he’s getting me all suited
up. He’s out doing all the M5 apparel clothing and you know it’s hard
to find shorts for me because you know I’ve got these big quads and tiny calves. And you
can tell that I don’t train calves. And I can tell when I meet somebod
who doesn’t say no, they’re all over the map. Here’s some advice from two
of my great mentors. Amateurs get distracted by idea after idea after idea.
You guys aren’t amateurs. You guys are professionals and professionals focus
and execute with singularity of vision. Who knows what focus means? What’s the
definition of focus? Follow one course until successful. Focus it’s the name of
the game. The most powerful question you can ask yourself literally every single
minute of the day is what must I stop doing. What must I stop doing? What must I
stop doing? If you ask yourself that question every minute of the day you
will start getting aligned with the things that will actually move your
business forward. So my tenth mistake. No word of a lie.
It was as simple as this, was, I disconnected from a mastermind. So I’m a product of
masterminds. My first mastermind I worked with Craig Ballantyne and he
helped me go from 100 K to 350 K. And then I went, you know, even continuing
working with him, 350 to 750, and then I hired a guy named Bedros Keulian and he was
an 18 K mastermind and I went from 350 to over a mil and that was all within
about four or five years before the age of 30. And then after that mastermind,
I said I’m good. I’ve got enough information and I disconnected. I didn’t
I didn’t continue on. I disconnected. I became that lone wolf and that’s when
all these things, the majority of these things started happening when I was
flying by myself. I wasn’t even flying. I was running. I disconnected. I lost having
people give me input and quality control. It’s like hey,I’m plateaued at a mill.
That’s great but there’s no such thing as maintenance in this world. You’re
either growing, or you’re dying. So what I didn’t know, I was actually dying. My
business was slowly dying and that’s the most painful death. I think the root of
it was just flying solo and thinking that hey I can do this on my own.
I forgot the definition a team. You guys know what the definition of team is?
Together each achieves more, right. A good coach is gonna do a couple things for you.
And I know Yuri will do this if you’re working with him. There’s five
things a good coach is gonna do for you. He’s gonna one, get you to become a
better leader. Alright. This whole thing here is a
brain game. If you’re not becoming a better leader, you’re not gonna grow your
business. That’s what this is all about. You guys should always be investing into
leadership events. Anything that makes you become a better leader, number one.
Number two, a great coach is gonna help you establish clarity of vision. What’s
your vision? What’s the vision? Third thing, they’re gonna help you establish
clarity of path. Alright. So this is where we’re going. We’re going to 2500
franchise locations. Okay, so what’s the path to get there? They’re gonna help you
build a dream team. They’re gonna help get you out of the things you shouldn’t
be doing and teach you how to make those transitions, create those systems that get
that structure, so that you can work on the business and not in the business, and
then the final thing a good coach is gonna do for you is they’re gonna get
you to think bigger. And that’s it guys. Thank you so much for your time.
If there’s anything I can do, feel free to approach me. I don’t know if we have time for
questions here, but it was a pleasure being up here. Thank You Yuri for the
opportunity to have the stage and share these painful lesson lessons and I
appreciate each one of you guys. Thank you. [Applause] I guess the truth of the
matter is is that I’ve been a fitness brand since 2005, right. My whole life has
been helping skinny guys build muscle. Skinny guys who’ve suffered with the
curse of not being able to express who they are inside, because the outside just
doesn’t represent that. But I’m 37 now right. I got two kids and muscles a part
of my life, but if you watch my Snapchat, man, we love eating out, I love business,
I love expanding my mind, I love the mission that I’ve been gifted to achieve
here which is to equip men not just with muscle, but to use the muscle for
something greater. So I’ll be honest. Like I’ve been scared to shift from just
fitness to talking about all these “M’s” because my bread and butter has
been fitness. But that’s not who I am. I’m doing what I’ve been called to do. I feel
like the Lord has literally ordered my steps in this direction and I’m just
taking them on, trusting him, because this is who I am,
and I haven’t fully shared this aspect, so I haven’t been showing up differently
in this, you know, very loud landscape so I just feel that I’m the
guy to help men use the muscle to achieve other areas of their life and
we’re going to go deep just as we’ve done on muscle, but with mindset, with
money, with mission, with marriage, because men need just as much help in those
areas as they do building their body

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