#159 Project Introduction Stopwatch App Html, Css, Jquery & Bootstrap 1

#159  Project Introduction Stopwatch App Html, Css, Jquery & Bootstrap 1

In this session you are going to create a highly professional sports app just like the one you use on an iPhone. You’re going to use ASML CSSA day equerry and bootstrap. Again this is a brilliant opportunity to practice what you have learned in the complete web development course. So let’s go through the app and understand is different functionalities. So first of all once we load the page we’re going to see two buttons starts and lump. So if we click on the Start button we’re going to see two counters starting the time counter and the Lopp counter. If we click on the top button both counters are going to stop and we can resume again by clicking on the resume item. Now if we click on the lock button then the lab time is going to resize from zero. And we are going to retrieve information about the previous lap. We’re going to write the love number there and the duration of that lap if we click again on the button that will retrieve information again about the previous lap and another lap is going to start. Now if we stop the counters and then click on the reset button then we are going to reload the page and start from scratch. So as usual we are going to start by creating the skeleton and the creation of our up using a shemale and yesus. And then we are going to go through the logic of our OP using a simple flowcharts. And after that we’re going to translate that flowcharts into day query code structure and then we’re going to be ready to write the Querrey code and build all the functionalities of our up. So if you’re ready then you can move to the next video where are going to start building our up

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