Самозанятые могут остаться без денег.

Самозанятые могут остаться без денег.

The head of the State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes, Andrei Makarov, proposed introducing fines for self-employed in the amount of income received, if the person did not register properly and did not pay taxes on this income. You are strong only when you do not take away everything from a person. And the one from whom you all took. He no longer obeys you. He is free again. This proposal was voiced by Makarov in connection with the discussion of draft laws on conducting an experiment on taxing self-employed citizens in four pilot regions of the country. The main idea of the law is that self-employed pay a tax of four percent if they serve the interests of natural persons and six percent if they provide services to organizations. The goal of lawmakers is to bring out from the shadow of the business people with unofficial earnings, of which there are not many many 30 million. At the same time, for the period of the work of an already existing law allowing the self-employed to go on foot, only about 2,000 people took advantage of this right. Thus, the method of the carrot in the form of deprivation of 100% of income, and the carrot, i.e. paying only 4 – 6% of income tax, the state wants to lure out of the shadow business all the same 30 million remaining hiding. But why impose a penalty of 100% of income? Is its exact size known only to the recipient of this income? Perhaps setting a penalty of 100 percent of income, the government expects a mass informing of citizens about the income of the self-employed. Ale militia, this says today’s robbed shpak. This is not about theft. We have a serious deal here. I am waiting. To understand this question will help its detailed study. Let us consider how the law will affect those who in our consciousness have already merged with the concept of self-employed, i.e. on tutors. The latter himself will not report to the tax authorities on the amount of his undeclared income. In this regard, it is in the hands of parents that the lever for controlling the mechanism for weaning 100 percent of undeclared income from a repeater will be in control. In short, if the child does not pass the exam, the conversation with the tutor can be very short: return my money to me or the state. Or is it possible that the legislator plans to find out the amount of income of the self-employed with the help of employees of the inspection? Do not delay! I myself went to you, that I would sincerely confess everything. With voptorgom passed into the hands of the native police, which I hope. In the case of tutors, as a result of control purchases of the services of the latter, it is unlikely that the budget will be able to replenish the budget, but it is quite possible to improve the performance of the children of operatives. However, I think that in order 30 million people left the shadow entrepreneurship, the control system employees simply do not have so many children or time. In this regard, setting a penalty in the amount of 100% of income, perhaps the legislator, simply, did not plan to find out the size of this income. Perhaps the idea is to fine only on the basis of suspicion of self-employment. I do not believe you. Why? Well, I do not believe you. If you go back to the example of the tutors, they will simply begin to be fined in the amount of income that they could possibly earn by engaging in individual educational practice. It only remains to add that the bill has expanded the concept of self-employed so that now almost any activity falls under it. Therefore, innovations touch not only reporters and nurses, but everyone who has unofficial income. Anyone who wants to be aware of the latest important changes in the field of tax legislation is strongly recommended to subscribe to the channel about everything with humor, in which you can hear a lot of serious things with a share of copyright humor. Thanks for attention. Bye.


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